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Data Analytics

Data-driven web-based media such as personalised websites and e-mails offer a unique advantage over printed material as they allow you to track exactly how your customers are reacting. Measure the success of your campaigns in detail and use the results for yourself to optimise subsquent marketing activities. Aspire's products come with comprehensive campaign tracking functions. View all results right from the start of your campaign with a browser based portal.

In-depth marketing analytics functionality will guarantee an ROI-oriented performance review. Whether response rates, e-mail openers, or landing page visitors any gathered during the campaign will be displayed and can be filtered for an even more detailed review of customer behaviour. We can customise your dashboard and create individually tailored reports, using charts, graphic displays, and brand your reports with any corporate design.

Campaign Dashboard for real-time display of all campaign results

  • Track visitors and events on your landing pages
  • Professional e-mail tracking including receivers, unsubscribers, openers, bounces and links
  • Simple pie charts, bar charts or tables display figures according to your needs
  • If you are in charge of marketing, Aspire can offer a fast track to increased ROI. High response rates through personalisation do no longer mean high costs. And the combination of various media does no longer result in tedious coordination work, meeting deadlines and staying in budget becomes easy. Integrated marketing analytics with customised reports will help you to prove the success of your activities

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