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All-round e-mail marketing solution

Did you know that permission-based email marketing is estimated to generate 21x return on investment? With email marketing having such an important role in the marketing mix Aspire can easily design all your e-mails or work with your exsisting designs, send them and track them. In addition, you will find our options can individually target clients with personalised images to boost response rates.

Send regular customer newsletters or one-time marketing blasts. Let us combine your e-mails with personalised websites to capture clients responses. We can then use emails or print for automated feedback or customer notification.

  • Mass e-mails
  • Automated e-mail sending
  • Spam check
  • E-mail tracking
  • Bounce management
  • E-mail unsubscribe
  • Image personalisation in e-mails
  • Personalised and static PDF attachments
  • Personalised landing pages

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